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SEP 42017

Ford Sollers Presents Ford Telematics ™ Telemetry Service for Fleet Management

Moscow, Russia, September 4, 2017 — At the COMTRANS International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show, Ford Sollers introduced a new product for corporate customers that provides efficient fleet management. This was the first time that the company offered its own telemetry service, Ford Telematics ™, which is securely integrated with the car systems and fully supported and guaranteed by the manufacturer. In the first phase, the new service will be offered as an option for the Ford Transit light commercial vehicles. The service, which was entirely created in Russia, is designed to strengthen the leading position of Ford Transit in the segment, thanks to the new possibility of acquiring a comprehensive solution for managing the commercial transportation business on a turnkey basis and with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Ford Telematics ™ service is a special equipment installed on a vehicle, as well as software, which provides flexible, customizable tools for collecting and analyzing information. Telemetry information can be transmitted in the form of both regular reports and individual data for integration into other reporting formats. The deep integration of the telemetry system with the vehicle systems, in line with the high quality and high safety standards of Ford, will allow owners and managers of vehicle fleets to optimize the operation of the fleet and improve transportation safety.

The development of a proprietary telemetry service is part of the development strategy of Ford Sollers in the segment of corporate sales and commercial vehicles. “As one of the leaders of the LCV segment, we are the first to offer our customers not only new products but also integrated services and business tools. The new Ford Telematics service is the official service of Ford in Russia, and meets all the safety and quality standards, which is the key to the work of the customer with digital data today,” noted Adil Shirinov, President and CEO of Ford Sollers.

Full control of the car and driver

The Ford Telematics ™ telemetric service is an electronic unit that is installed in a secure location and linked to the sensors and systems of the vehicle, and remotely to the fleet management system. The system functionality can be divided into three categories: security, operation and targeted usage (logistics).


— Control of the location of vehicles in a given area

— Warning of unauthorized entry into the vehicle

— Responses to impacts


— Monitoring of speed, driving style, length of time the driver is driving

— Payment for parking

— Reporting on sudden accelerations and braking that increase fuel consumption and risk of accidents

— Remote troubleshooting to avoid costly repairs later

— Reminding the driver of the need to refuel and visit the dealer for the next maintenance

Targeted usage:

— Tracking the location of the car in a remote mode

— Monitoring of compliance with routes

— Vehicle mileage control

A distinct benefit of the Ford Telematics ™ service is the flexible configuration of data upload for reporting and the possibility of integration with third-party fleet management systems. Telemetry data can be sent to the user as a regular report, or transmitted as separate digits for integration into other reporting formats. Thus, when cars integrated with the Ford Telematics ™ service are added to the fleet of vehicles, the customer can continue using the already available solution by integrating it with the Ford Sollers system.