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APR 42018

Ford sales rise 36% in Q1 with SUV share rising to 57%

  • In March 2018 Ford sales in Russia rose by 25% compared to March last year, with 5,202 units sold. Sales growth was 36% in the first quarter.
  • The share of various SUV models increased to over 57% of total cars sold. Ford’s best-seller in Russia for three last months was the mid-sized crossover, Ford Kuga.

MOSCOW, Russia, April 4, 2018 — Ford Sollers reported a 25% rise in sales of Ford’s vehicles compared to March last year, with 5,202 units sold. Total of 12,768 unites were sold in the first three months of 2018, up 36% from the same period last year. Ford’s SUVs, that are available in Russia in three models in various segments — 7-seat crossover Ford Explorer, mid-sized crossover Ford Kuga, and compact crossover Ford Ecosport, accounted for over 54% of the sales in March (and 57% of the sales year to date).

Ford’s best-seller in March and Q1 was Ford Kuga. It appeals to the buyers with its combination of innovative technologies and tried-and-tested power trains such as 2.5-liter atmospheric engine and 6-speed hydraulic automatic transmission. 1,503 units of this model were sold in March (up 61% from March 2017) and almost 4,000 units were sold year to date (up 69%). Ford Focus, the only C-segment model in the Russian market that is available in three body types — sedan, hatchback, and station wagon, and with wide range of engines producing from 85 to 150 hp, is consistently in high demand. Ford Focus was the second popular car in March, with 1,395 units of Ford Focus sold (+29%) in March and 3,487 units sold in the first three months this year (+66%).

Ford Kuga and Ford Explorer took the lead in the car sales growth. Sales of those models rose by 61% and 43% respectively (+69% and + 72% in Q1). SUV contributed 54.6% to total sales of Ford’s cars in Russia in March. The share of SUV in total sales of Ford’s vehicles amounted to 57%, thereby Ford’s crossovers may become more popular than cars for the first time. SUVs contributed 48% to total sales of the brand in 2017. Due to ever-increasing demand, crossovers are of great strategic importance for the company, and Ford Sollers intends to boost the SUV range in Russia with two updated models and aggressive pricing.

Ford Transit, the leader of the Russian LCV* market, is another significant growth driver. 1,074 units of this car were sold in March (+77% from last year) and 2,334 cars were sold year to date (+63% from Q1 2017). Over 55 different Ford Transit modifications for commercial use and public services are available in the Russian market. Together with Ford Sollers professionals, certified coachbuilder can meet any individual customer requirements. All Ford Transit vehicles produced in Russia are equipped with reliable and efficient turbocharged diesel engines with various power output and 6-speed transmission.

*In 2017 and Q1 2018, source: AE